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Dec 31, 2012
Hey everyone, My name is Don and I have MTS(Multiple Tank Syndrome). Fortunately I do not think I will ever recover from this but as we all know this is okay :D, I currently have set up a gal community, a 30gal grow out, a 10gal guppy tank(for the girlfriend) and a 5gal apisto breeder(didnt work out well....need to re think it and make the necessary adjustments. I have a 100gal that I am tearing down and re-setting up as an EBJD breeding tank(my favorite fish as im refered to by some friends as the EBJDguy). I will also be setting up my 150gal as soon as I move it into my apt at college. I plan to make it a dwarf cichlid community tank. I like to use plants in all my tanks and I am a "dirt convert". All my tanks substraites contain dirt and clay and my plants could not be happier. I am a member of the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society, and the USF aquarist club. I also study environmental science at USF hoping to be a successful wetland scientist with focus on fisheries and filtration. I'm not sure what else to add but im looking forward to helping and lerning more.
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