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Feb 20, 2011
Indianapolis, IN
So I while perusing on I did a provider search and found a local frag provider. I checked out his website because he has some nice frags for sale on I hate getting a cheap frag and then paying stupid amounts of shipping! I understand the cost of shipping but it is frustrating nonetheless.

I ordered the Zoa Combo and not only am I getting free shipping, Allen (owner) is personally bringing them out to my office to deliver and said he will throw in some extras. My 12gallon Nano is looking bland these days. Looking forward to Monday!

$99.00 for the order but shipping would have been free anyway. The nice part is that he has some incredible color variations and each frag has like 10-12 polyps I believe.

Website is
I agree completely! I just bring myself to buying a $15 frag and spending $50.00 or more for it in total. For that cost I might as well spend an extra few dollars and get a bunch of frags, even if I have to get multiples of the same type.
Incoming photos!

The group on the left were the 5 that I got as my combo. The other two were freebies! Way more polyps than I would normally get and a bargain without the freebies!


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