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Jun 4, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario
Good day all, The name is Trish,,, I'm new to the aquarium world, finally got my first tank a few months ago.... Its a wonderful 55 gallons. I don't know who enjoys it better me or the dogs :) Anyways have a wonderful day to all and im sure ill be seeing you around this place :)

Welcome to AA!
Hope you find the answers to everithing here!
Is it a predator tank, community, cichlid, I also ave a 55 gallon community
Welcome to AA
Thanks, Its a community tank.. I thought i would start there before the aquarium addiction kicks and I get more advanced skills with raising fish and move onto different aggressions. 2 young angel fish, 3mollies, 3 swordtails, 9 rasboras (well 6 now I have 3 that vanished yesterday) 10 neon tetras, 2 borneo suckers. I also have a 10 gallon with a half moon betta, and a 5 gallon with a couple fry mollies that are about 3 weeks old.
Nice stocking! Although, there will be a problem with your hill stream loaches, I really like those too, but they are a cold water fish, they should not be mixed with your fish because of temperature, they might die, also, there have been cases of angelfish eating neon tetras, but in my experience, my three angels have not eaten my neons at all
My 55 gallon has 3 angelfish, one about the size of a tennis ball without the fins, three glass barbs, two rainbowfish, 4 scissor tail rasboras, 2 black mollies, one balloon belly mollie, 1 red wag platy, four black skit tetras, two apple snails, two red clawed crabs, and two fiddler crabs
I also have a 29 gallon, I'm not done stocking it, so for now I only have 5 red eye tetras, 1 balloon belly Molly, 4 black kuhli loaches, and three pepered coy cats
I am getting a 3 gallon with a half moon betta, I really like them, but now I have a 2.5 gallon with a lyre tail and a crowntail
ya I keep an eye on the borneos as I knew I could have some issues.. they seem to be doing great so far and don't take crap from no one.. I had a molly trying to push him around a bit but seemed to have stopped. I have other tanks they could get moved into if they need moved.
I would buy a 29-40 gallon, you can probably put the hill streams, some dojo loaches, and maybe some sort of fancy goldfish in there, again, that's just me
ya actually my plan is 100gal plus. I'm shopping around as I would love to get a discus tank in the near future.
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