Nitrate & Ammonia Water Change

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Jul 18, 2023
Hi everyone I have 55 gallons tank with south american cichlids I did a water change this morning 25% I use Prime and Seachem stability 8 hours later I did a water test with API:
Ammonia was reading 1.0 ppm
Nitrite = 1.0 ppm
Nitrate = 5.0 ppm
Ph = 7.6

do I need to do any water changes soon? or hold on need some advice plz thanks and very appreciated.
You arent cycled or have lost your cycle.

How long has the tank been set up? How many fish do you have and what kinds?

Do you know how to cycle a tank?

Your ammonia and nitrite are at toxic levels, high pH makes ammonia particularly toxic. You need to get the ammonia + nitrite combined no higher than 0.5ppm. Based on your readings that would take a 75% water change or 2 x 50% water changes.
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