one of my clowns escaped :-(

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Jan 11, 2004
Hey Everyone --

Well, we woke up this morning to find one of the clowns on the floor, and quite stiff. Now, I've read on this forum that clowns tend to jump, and so I've always been very careful to keep the egg crate in place, so all I can think of is that he either (somehow) made it through the 1/2" grating, or around the filter intake, where there is a little bit more room cut out.

Anyway, this leads to two questions:

1- is there anything else to do to keep them in? I'm not using the wooden canopy because the Orbit light fixture is too big, but I think I might modify it to make it fit over the lights. I think I'll also get some new egg crate and make the fit a little tighter around where the plumping protrudes. Any other suggestions?

2- We like having the two clowns -- they were always together (I got them at the same time). What would be the best way to add a replacement? I know they like to be in pairs, so will just adding another be OK, or will the older one (which is pretty big now) pick a fight? Also, does the new one need to be the same kind (false perc)? Or could I replace him with a maroon (for example), or some other variety?

As always, thanks for the sage advice.
False percs aren't as bad as other clowns. She may accept another male. If you do attempt a new pairing, get one that is half her size to insure a possible male. There is no guarantee she will accept him.

If you were to introduce another type of clown, you'd have better luck with a skunk clown or saddleback...even a clarkii compared with a maroon or a tomato. Either way, there is always a risk.

Try using screen mesh type material that won't corrode from the salt and calcium build up to cover the areas that are opened. You'd be surprised the size slots fish can somehow fit through when they do jump. We had an arrowana jump out of a slot less than a 1/4 of an inch wide. I still scratch my head wondering about that one. He was all jerkified behind the tank...and what we had blocking the slot as much as possible was still there...unmoved. Fish are incredible.
you could also try using a thick flourescent light panel. the light gets through great and there are no holes the fish can get through. If you could cut it to fit your tank without tearing the whole thing apart like i did, it would probably work great.
Thanks --
I admit that I referred to the fish as "him" in my post -- but I honestly have no idea what sex either one of them are/were. Any way to tell? Or is it just size that matters (so to speak)? Do they change gender, based on which one is larger/smaller?

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