Opinions on Coralife Skimmer

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Jul 28, 2006
Salt Lake City, UT
I am looking at a Coralife skimmer 220, for my tank (75g).

Does anyone have an opinion?

Is this a good skimmer to place in my new sump I am building?

Is there a better option for under $250 US?
A skimmer is one of the pieces of equipment it is best to save up and get the better product. I hear Aqua C and Bak Paks are great.
I have been happy with my coralife 65 (on a 29 gal tank). Although, take that with a grain of salt as I have not used other skimmers. I do recall a thread on Reef Central where they compared the coralife 220 to a remora pro and the conclusion seemed to be the coralife performed better--is this consensus; I don't know.

As for the price question, check out www.bigalsonline.com . They have the 220 on sale for $142.

I have the 220 on my 120g right now. I originally bought it when i had my 75g. It works great. My friend has a Aquamedic Turbofloater on his 75g which is supposed to be a better skimmer and the Coralife performs just as well if not better than the turbofloater. For the price you can't beat it. Just make sure you look at the height and how much room you will have in the sump and above, because it wouldn't fit under my 120g because the stand was too short so i am using it as a hang on. I am finding that it actually works better hanging on the tank instead of in sump.
I have the 220 on my 56 gal and I love it...I had some issues at 1st with micro bubbles in the tank as its a HOB but I have since rectified the problem...it pulls alot of gunk out that is for sure...my LFS did some research on the skimmers for me and what would be a good choice and this was his suggestion and he has numberous clients that have it and are very pleased....if you get one make sure you let us know what you think.

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