Parasite on xenia

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Jan 1, 2014
Southern California
It looks like a bristle star attached to my xenia. Not only that, but things that look like webs are stringing my tank and taking shrimp. And little (aspatia looking (check edit, it could be those) tentacles are also around...what happened? Here is the creature on the xenia. Any help on what it is


Edit: Also I have barnacles. Please help
Cant be sure from the picture but it looks like a mini Brittle Star, harmless I have hundreds of them
Yep, it's harmless. Then thing that look like webs are most likely Vermetid snails. They do not hurt shrimp. the "Aptasia looking" things are probably Majano anemones. Google that and see if it's a fit. If so, you would kill them off the same way you would kill off xenia.
when I said shrimp I was referring to Brine shrimp that I feed the fish and also I believe that I have barnacles (appearentlyvthey look like that at one poiny )and not a aspatia or anemones after further research. they are harnless right? how do I get rid of this snails. I'm Going To,My LFS Today
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