pdated Pics of My Black Tang and a new eel

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Mar 14, 2008
Sag Harbor, NY
Here's some updated pics of my tang and the newest addition, an eel. Regards, Tim






What size tank is that? Nice shots, by the way!
in the first pic looks like he has a crazy mohawk

Ha, I see what you're talking about. The black background in the area between the rocks makes it look that way.

Those are some beautiful fish (and eels) OP, they must be quite expensive.

I think my favorite is the bright orangish-pink and yellowish-green fish, though teh black tang is very elegant and classy. Ha, I guess that shows you my tastes.
In the first picture the fish at the bottom, crazy. Leaf fish or something along those lines? Always wanted one of those, they are so weird.
Thanks all for the kind remarks. As far as the tank that is my 180. Some of those fish are going to be moved to a 300 though. I love the Black Tang because of the elegance of the fish as well. Most people look at my tank and I say look at the the big black one and they say it's ugly and I say go away!!! Just kidding. The fish are a bit expensive but I have a friend who sells them at way below what they usually go for. For example the Golden Dwarf Moray sells for at least $300 at any on-line retailer and I got mine for around $150 including shipping. He sells to the public so if anyone ever needs something let me know and I will put you in contact with him. As far as the Scorpionfish its a Rhinopias Frondosa. Here's a a couple of pics of him and a couple of the the orange and green guy that someone said was there favorite. It's a Japanese Blotchy Anthias. Thanks again for all the kind remarks and have a great day. Regards, Tim







Goldflake absolutely, he just had one at 3" with adult colors! Conspic's on the other hand is a different story. I'm on the waiting list myself for one. He just caught 2 small Bandits and a Goldenback Trigger. PM me or e-mail me myert22@yahoo.com and I'll put you in contact with him. Regards, Tim
Wow! Your tank looks great! I love Black Tangs. I would like a white cheek Tang. I think they are so coool. Black with white cheeks. I also love the Anthias!! And one day,,I will have a snowflake eel.
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