Penguin filter impeller getting stuck

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May 10, 2005
New York
I have a Penguin biowheel filter on my 10 gal tank. I just recently changed the substrate from gravel to sand. Today I noticed a problem. My filter stopped. I checked it out and apparently some sand grains got into the filter and were lodged in the impeller well stopping the impeller. Is there a way to keep the sand out? Maybe a foam prefilter? Any advice or "tricks of the trade" would be great.

You can put a prefilter on it or if you want, try a pair of pantyhose over the intake. How close to the sand is the filter intake? Can you raise it a bit off the sand bed if it is close?
I am not to keen on the idea of the pantyhose but I am willing to try it. The intake is a few inches from the substrate, I can shorten it up a bit. Prefilter, I know what it is in theory but what would I use for it and how would I attach it? A thin piece of sponge type material wrapped around the intake and held on with some zipties???

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