peppermint or scarlet skunt cleaner shrimp?

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Dec 9, 2010
Audubon, NJ
I was wondering wha everyones opinions were on the two. I could get two peppers fro 15 total or 1 skunk for 25. my tank i a 14 gallon biocube with about 22-25lbs of rock. my stock list is:
yellow watchmen
pom pom crab
small blue/green chromis(will be moved soon)
small arrow crab

i know arrows tend to be killers but nothing in my tank has died except the pistol and i think he was too big for the arrow to take down. if needed i ca remove him though
Depends on which one you like better. I have 2 cleaners and love them to death, one even cleans my fish when they stop by. The other just eats food and poop(I watch him do it all the time.) The peppermints are supposed to be good for aptasia anemone's(if the nem's are small.) You won't have any trouble out of either one. I wouldn't mix them though.

The arrow crab is like a pygmy angel in a reef setup, it's a gamble.
I got an arrow once. One day I found a dead shrimp in his mouth. 2 days later it was a hermit. Now, of course they may have died on their own, but I returned him to the store. I'd get rid of the arrow and get 2 skunks or scarlet cleaners.
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Aw man I love that little guy. So far mine has been mild tempered, was eating a pistol shrimp but like I said I don't think he killed it
i had an arrow that fought a coral banded and lost.
i think the peppermint shrimp are bleh.
i vote 2 skunk cleaners~
I'm with Doug, go cleaners. They are way more active then peps any who. I have 2 cleaners and 4 pepers. I never see the peppermint. Also have a fire and tiger. Fire shrimp are nice
Cleaner shrimp I say not only do they clean your fish for you and keep them pretty healthy but it's fun to watch swim(hover) around your tank. With it there are just more benefits.
okay great, i banished mr. arrow to a serperate 10 gallon and picked up a cleaner. 2 would be fine in a 14 gallon? this is my new stocklist:
1 tiny tru perc
1 tiny blue green chromis
1 pom pom crab
assorted corals
YW goby
1 cleaner shrimp
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