Philippine blue zebra and gold marble angelfish spawn log

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Right now they are in a kritter keeper with an airstone and some plants. It's easy to feed them in there because it is small. Easy to change water, too. When they get big enough they will move up to a 10 gallon. :)

Oh, and for anyone who was wondering, they seem to be fond of hunting paramecia. Next up will be live baby brine.
Since this thread has become more of a spawn log than Member's FW tanks showcase fodder, I moved it to the Breeding section. :)

Our babies are doing well so far. Here's a quick video I got a little while ago.
angel fry - YouTube

They seem to be enjoying whatever they are hunting from the paramecium culture. I can't see anything that they are eating, but the hunting response is obvious and they go nuts every time we add a few drops of the stuff. They're going to get daily water changes of 75-80% with replacement water taken from the parents' tank.
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