Pics/Ideas Hex Tank 55gal 27x22x22

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i think one of the big ones could be dying it has been laying on the gravel not very active lately...
The synodonis is dying? is there 2? If it is laying on the gravel out in the open it could be, but it also could not be. It could just be resting, give it a few hours and see if he moves or wait tell you do feeding time, he will really move then if he is alive.
I think he means one of the goldfish. I would get rid of them ASAP. Could be stressed or sick. Is the one that lays around still eating? Any physical signs?
i meant the gold fish they are all kind of weird.. hes moving around now they eat and all but sometimes he hide behind a log i got in there and lays or the gravel for a while... im pretty sure im getting rid of the fat gold fish and possibly the normal one... im not sure ill be able to find a big enough tank for the two big ones at least not yet...
Know anyone with a pond? You could always do that too. FWIW.
Just try to find them a new home. Honestly it sounds like they are sleeping. Bettas do the same thing. They will lay there head in a log or plant and leave there whole body laying out. They will even lay on the gravel and sleep. Clown loaches will also sleep laying on there sides. So i would not be alarmed about what they are doing. Like i said sounds like there sleeping.
ok i found a 10 gallon tank not mine but how many gold fish can fit in there? i was hoping the two big ones or all the fat ones and the normal size one let me know asap please!
#1 you have too cycle the tank.
#2 i am sure the 10g is too small for any of the goldfish. A good rule for goldfish is 30g of water for the first 1 and a additional 10 gallons for each 1 after that. Thay need LOTS of room.
No goldfish can be kept in a ten gallon. You could keep the three in a 75g if you can find one.
New PROBLEM my squeaker cat has some white spots this is ick right? i have this bottle of "ick away" it says it could do some damage to some "catfish" would this be harmed? or the corys? should i follow directions to exactly? let me know please... it says remove carbon from filtration do i have carbon? or is it charcoal? it also says it can dye silicone will my tank corners be blue after this **** thing?
You need to learn about the life cycle of ich. Read the articale below for learning about ich and what it is.
Freshwater Ich? Yuck!
I have found and many people would support this is that raising the temp. to around 86 degrees helps. The parasite can not live in such warm water long. The other thing is alot of people add salt to the aquarium, which seems to help. Don't be suprised if it is gone tommorrow but don't be fooled. That just means that the parasite fell of the fish and went into its freeswimming stage, this is when it starts to be affected by high temps and salt. I would ditch the meds, they work but usually not very well or not at all. Yes some will dye the silicone which you don't want. And if it says there is a chance that it can harm some catfish i would not use it. It is probably talkin about scaleless fish like your synodonis catfish. And if you were to use it you would have to take the carbon out of your filter. Do you have carbon? i dont know what kind of filter do you have?

This is why most people QT. So it does not spread to the main tank, but don't beat yourself up. Alot of people don't for there FW fish.
I would take a look a some pictures of syno's on Google. Many adult synos have white spots that can look like ich. Someone just posted about this and said they seem to come and go. I think Blueiz was one of the people who experienced this, maybe she can chime in. I had one but gave it up when it was about 4".
I did not know that. I have not had a syno in a while. When my 75g tank is set up i am getting a couple synodonis. don't know what species yet.
ok maybe its not ich those pics seem a little different mine has a small white spot towards his tail... and hes still moving and acting normal doewnt seem sick.. ill just keep an eye on him i guess.
Yeah, keep an eye on him. If you notice more spots around the tail and they look like salt has been sprinkled all over him then I would say to start raising your temps (SLOWLY) to 86 degrees and keep it there for at least a week after the last white spots are gone.
yeah it went away the day i noticed or the day after... thanks guys.

That is not good. If it went away that is the life cycle of ich. The parasites latch onto the fish, then drop off at the end of the day and go into the free swimming stage. Then the process starts over, because when they drop off, each 1 makes a ton more. So you REALLY need to watch closely on all the fish. If more spots pop up on other fish or on the syno then you need to start treatment.
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