Pinktail Triggerfish?

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Nov 6, 2006
I saw a pinktail triggerfish yesterday and he really caught my eye. I went home to investigate and it looks like he is actually considered to be reef safe, and will avoid shrimp/other sessile inverts (but I think he may still go for crabs/snails?).

Just wanted to see if anyone here has ever had one in a reef tank or had any opinions on this trigger? If I wanted to get a long-term supply of food for this kind of fish, what would I look for? Could I get some frozen stuff at the grocery store or do I just need those things from the LFS that are like push out blocks of frozen food.
I would say of all triggers they are one of the most reef safe. You can also look at Riggens or Blue throat triggers for a reef tank. I have heard that pink tails can be hard to keep alive. As far as food goes, frozen mysis shrimp and blood worms from you rlfs will be fine. Riggens, bluethroat, and Crosshatch triggers are all members of the family Xanthicthys and feed mostly on zooplankton and usually leave inverts alone.
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