Pistol shrimp and shattered aquarium

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Jul 23, 2003
Sumner WA
Ok I bought a pistol shrimp today at one lfs, and then I was told by another lfs that the pistol shrimp has the same force as a 22 caliber pistol and that it can shatter a glass aquarium is this fact or is it bull shrimp? lol pun intended.
I've heard of mantis shrimp being able to shatter aquariums but I never heard this rumor about pistol shrimp. That's not to say they can't I've just never heard of it. I've never actually heard of anybody that had a mantis shatter a tank either, just that they could possiblty do so.

BTW, they are supposed to have a pretty neat relationship with many several types of Gobys.
come on, can we be reasonable for a second here. the same force as a pistol doing what? if that were true no pet stores would not have them because they would just bust out. nobody would ever buy one, unless of course they needed it for self defense. i'm guessing thats bull shrimp!
I am only going by what I am told by one lfs that will not sell them to anyone that has a glass aquarium. They said that they can break the lr and break your finger. Now I am new in sw but because of that I do not know all there is to know about it so to me I am reasonable. The only dumb question is the one you do not ask.......ass-um nothing. And thank you for you input Smokey and Jamal.

Thanks again
FWIW I have both a pistol shrimp 4" and a 2" mantis shimp.. Both in glass tanks and I have not had a problem with either one of them.. The pistol does have some power as he has woken me up from sleeping at night.. They say they do have the power of a .22 caliber but I have never personally heard of one busting a glass aquarium.. You gotta remember the glass aqurium is ment to hold alot of water safely therfor most companies over build them.. I would think that unless you had a extremely large pistol shrimp it would be safe in any aquarium..

Very helpful. Thank you james and kevin. In other words I do not need to tear my reef apart to first try and find the thing and then remove it. I will however take a pic to post if although doubtful I have any tank shattering events take place.

Except for the huge mess to clean up and the loss of life, it would be kinda cool to see, lol.

Thanks again
This somewhat 'urban legend' started when a biologist was keeping several larger specimens in a thin glass specimen container, and the shrimp appearently broke the glass when he went after some critters in an adjacent tank.

Darn....I need to keep those web links handy.

Sci-Fi writer Fred Saberhagen had Pistol shrimp 'save the day' when they were used to combat small, robotic aliens in a short story.
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