Placement of Powerheads

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Jan 29, 2006
I am awaiting shipment of three powerheads this week. I am planning to put the seio super pump rated at 620 gph at the left wall behind the liverocks at approximately half the height of the tank and the two maxijet 1200 (295 gph each) in the front at left and right walls facing each other. Mine is a 72g tank with another 650 gph coming via the return line from sump. The return line is coming from the left but I have pointed the inlet pipe to throw water at the front-center (in front of the liverock lineup) of the tank. Is this setup good?

Another related question. Many suggest that the powerheads add more heat to the tank. How big of a concern is this? This additional heat is factored into the temperature reading right? Meaning, right now I have set the temp at 78 constant. Do I have to adjust this to accomodate for the additional powerheads?
Powerhead placement sounds good. You might have to adjust the rotational output slightly for dead spots but you should have good convulsing currents with that set up.

PH usually adds very little heat to the water and even if it did the heater would just come on less so keep it at 78.
I read a great post about heater settings. It recommended seeing what temp the tank was at during lighted time with all pumps running. Lets say it was between 80 and 81. Then set your heater to like 79. As long as it is less than 84, the temp isn't an issue, it's the large swings in temp that stress the fish.
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