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Hi guys, I have some plants for sale. Here's what I have currently.

All stem plants have 4-5 stems unless otherwise noted, and are 6" + long, some are much larger.
Jungle and corkscrew vals $1 each
Marble radican sword plants $3 each
Anubias barteri "nana" ~6-8" tall, nice $5
Lace java fern "Windelov" rhizome with 3-4 leaves $4
Regular java fern rhizome 3-4 leaves $4 GONE
Microsword 2" pots $3.75 only a couple left pending
Ludwigia broad leaf (repens) - easy low light and colorful $2.50 per bunch (4-5 stems per bunch)
Ludwigia "Cuba" -rare verticillata variant, emersed growth, develops pinnate leaves ranging from orange to red when grown submersed $3/bunch
Rotala indica good low light plant, $2.50 per bunch, 8-10 stems in each bunch.
Pogostemon stellata "broad leaf" $3 per bunch, 3-4 stems in each bunch. This is emersed grown, changes form drastically as it converts to submersed life.
Hygrophila angustifolia "willow hygro" low light friendly plant $3 per bunch, bunch has 4-5 stems in it.

Marimo Moss balls $5 each 3 left, about golf ball size.
Limnophila aromatica "hippuroides" $3 per bunch, 4-5 stems each bunch

Alternanthera reineckii roseafolia 4-5 stems $3 Few left
Rotala wallichi 8-10 stems per bunch $3/bunch ~6-8 stems per bunch 2 left
Rotala magenta (macranda v narrow leaf) $3/bunch ~8 stems per bunch
Bacopa monnieri (moneywort) $3/bunch
Bacopa Australis 4-5 stems per bunch $3/bunch SOLD
Potamogeton gayi - nice grassy stem plant, $3/bunch
Hygro balsamica 3 to 4 stems per bunch $3/bunch sold
Blood stargrass (diandra) 8-10 stems per bunch $3/bunch
Blyxa japonica $3.00 per plant gone
Dwarf sag $0.75 per plant SOLD
Glossostigma $2.50 for a golf ball size amount, should cover about a 3x3 area or so when spread out. sold
Green cabomba (cabomba caroliniana) low light friendly staple, 4-6 stems per bunch, $2.50/bunch
Riccia in 4oz cup, added pic for size reference, $4.25 each-sold

aponogeton madagascar lace bulbs, presprouted, $5
red tiger lotus bulb $5
dwarf lily bulb $3

Crypts- Note* crypt melt, crypts tend to melt when shipped, moved, jostled, bumped, tickled, or otherwise disturbed. As long as the root stock is solid and healthy it will grow back in just a few days.*
These are all low light friendly and only a few of each are available-

Red wendtii, plants were emersed grown and are shedding leaves but starting to put up submersed growth. $2.25 per plant
Crypt balansae nice broad green leaves, $3
Crypt retrospiralis Similar to balansae but with browns and red tones, nice contrast $3
Plants are dipped for snails/algae but still carry hitchhikers every now and then so inspect them/treat them accordingly.

Shipping is now $7.50

Shipping in the US only. Can meet up if you are local also, just let me know. (Florida panhandle)

I'll update the list as things get sold out.
More pics available on request, just let me know!

What plants are in the first four pictures?
Okay, here's an update. Some other stuff might be available but I just missed it, so just ask.

Update: This is what I have currently, bear with me this took a bit to compile. Bunches have 4-6 stems or more.

Shipping is $7.50 flat, let me know if it's really hot or really cold wherever you are and I'll be sure to insulate the package really well.
Water sprite $3/plant
Hygro balsamica $3/bunch
Wisteria (hygro difformis) $3/bunch (submersed form)
Hygro angustifolia $3/ bunch (submersed form, high potential for snails, will treat but keep an eye out)
Rotala magenta (rotala macranda v narrow leaf) $3 per bunch
Rotala indica (rotundifolia) $2.50 per bunch
Green cabomba $2.50 per bunch
Rotala nanjenshan $3 per bunch
Blyxa japonica $3/plant
Blyxa aubertii $3/plant
Ludwigia narrow leaf (l.palustris) $3 per bunch
Ludwigia ovalis $3 per bunch
Ludwigia cuba (emersed form) $3 per bunch
Marimo moss balls ~golf ball sized $5 each
Java fern windelov $4 per plant
Anubias hastifolia potted $5.50
Anubias barteri v nana $5.50
Crypt parva potted $4.50
Crypt undulata potted $4.50
Crypt retrospiralis $2.50 per plant
Crypt balansae $2.50 per plant
Glossostigma potted $4.50
Dwarf pennywort potted $4.50
DHG potted $4.50
Microsword pot $4.50
Dwarf baby tears (HC) pot $4.50
Riccia in 4oz cup $4.25
Crypt "Florida Sunset" pot $10
Moneywort $3/ bunch
Dwarf lily $3 each
Red tiger lotus (few available) $6

10" stainless curved planting tongs $7.50
10" stainless striaght planting tongs $7.50
Mini sponge filter, similar to hydro sponge design, has a grey weighted bottom. Fits in nano tanks very well, about 3" or so wide. $5

I also have an air driven external hang on breeding box that is a massive 1.1 gallons with 2 dividers making 3 separate compartments. Comes with air adjuster, 1ft of airline tubing, and check valve. Does not include an air pump. $20
Ok well I cant PM you for some reason...i got your pic is that the size you're offering?
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