Platax Pinnatus

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Nov 10, 2005
Hello everyone out there,

Not to long ago I went to the local fish store and saw a Pinnatus Batfish. The man at the store said I could keep one in my tank. But I started doing my research on them and I was wondering on what size of tank I should have them in. Because I know I how big they get and how fast it will be but I just want to know about your recomendations. And yes I do know how "hard" they are to get eating so. Well any information would be great thanks a million in advance.
Well I don't know to much about them but I do know that they get much taller then they do get long. Extremely docile with very slow movements. Kept with non aggressive fish that are not fin nippers. Gorgeous fish with an incredible shape. Need a very large tank.
i have already been there..I know all about them but w/e it was just on the size of aqarium you would need.
Me personally, I would probably aim for something very deep. Like a 4' 110gal to start.
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