PLC controled tank hood

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Feb 12, 2011
Just thought i would stick this up here. Made this set up from spare stuff in the basement for my 35G FW hex tank.

All built into the hood for my tank.

4 in 4 out plc , currently running time clocks for the light , The little power head for the co2 system and the main filter. Basic idea was to keep the back of the tank clean with just the main power line and the co2 line going up the back. No un necessary cords.

feel free to ask questions.

attempting to modify a battery operated feeder to run on the fourth output now.

Wish I had that stuff lying around my basement.

What's the white thing in the center? It kind of looks like a giant smoke detector.
thats the light, its a 150w MH , its a retail track light that i gutted out, thats just the reflector. The ballast is the bundle of stuff next to the plug, The green thing is a relay to ignite the ballast, the grey box with the green light is the power supply for the plc, and the little box with the screen and the buttons is the plc.
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