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What type of return pump do u have? Are u happy with it? Yea if u look at the specs on the skimmer u can tell y its so stable.
I'm happy with mine because it's hob and gets the job done. Only three nitrate. I think it's a mag 7 or something mag.
Im running an instant ocean seaclone 100 or something like that. It can be either HOB or in sump. I like mine better in sump. Might have been because it hadn't worked itself out yet...but when it was HOB it made a huge mess of my tank.
The reason I am asking is bc my girl wants to turn her 54 corner bowfront and there is very little room. So I am trying to find a small sump , skimmer, pump. . . Having a lot of trouble
You should see my fresh tank . . . Its a 125 gallon. It has a 3ft clown knife, 2 2ft florida spotted gars. And a 1ft river catfish. They eat around 300 fish a week.
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