Plz help with taking pictures of fish.

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Sep 14, 2008
Brooklyn Center, MN
Ive been posting up varies threads on here, n I need to take some pictures of my aquariums and problems to post up, but every shot I take keeps coming up blurring. Is there a certain way to take pictures? Ive got one of those powershot A 650 digital cameras from Canon....please help.
oops sorry, just noticed i put this question in the wrong post. but plz help if u see this, i don't want to write up the same question in the other post, because i don't know how to erase this one.
ahhhhhhhhh..ok im sorry about this post, i jus looked in the photography section and there is a whole thread on how to take pictures.
Thread Moved. After you've read through the stickies, go ahead and ask more questions if you're not clear about something.
Use the macro function.. It's the little flower button. I have a Canon A530 and my pics come out fairly nice.
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