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May 10, 2003
El Dorado Hills, CA
I have had my 35 gallon SW aquarium set up for a few moinths, and the other day I noticed and ton of little white things on the glass. These were 1/16" or smaller, and were long and skinny. I am assuming that these are some sort of pod, but I am not to sure. Another qucik question; in my fuge i recently saw a tiny starfish, about 1/4" white. It wasn't a brittle star. Any ideas what it was?
Click on the link in my signature and look under "educational resources" then scroll down to "common critters." You should be able to find the one your looking for there.
Thanks SquishyFish! They are Munnidae Isopods & Harpacticoid Copepods, and man they are everywhere on the walls! What are some fish that will supplement on these guys?
No problem!

There are several pod eaters out there. Mandarin are the first ones that everyone thinks of, but they require a lot of them. If you dont have 100lbs of LR..then you prob dont have enough to support one.

Pods are a good thing in your tank. They are ditritivores and they help keep the sand bed shifted. (they arent the main guys..but they help.)

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