Poll do you buy your livestock locally or online?

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As far as online stores go, I read nothing but positive comments about Pedro at aquascapeonline.com. I think they are based in South America. They are the only store I know that has all kinds of pirahnas. I hear they are illegal in the states so they probably wont ship them to US addresses. I visit their site to see their native species of cichlids. They will ship those but its the pirahnas I think you'll have problems getting if your into that type of fish. I, personally have yet to order from them so I can't really rate their service but if the reviews are as legit as they seem I would definitely check them out. Maybe someone here has dealt with them who can vouch for their creditability.
Ebay is a great place. I have bought some hermit crabs, turbo snails, and claims from one of the eaby stores.
I've never bought fish online - plants yes, but not fish.

Generally speaking, I buy stock from my LFS (Paradise pets in Benton, AR), and equipment and chemicals from the big boxes.
Hi I see this is a very old thread:eek: so for my input:D
I have always bought from me local shop or usually within 50 miles of home.
I have been very fortunate to have had some very good local shops and have many friends with staff that have worked in them.
Animal fare thatcham - now shut:(
Philips Fish Plus - now shut:(
Newbury Aquatics - {Maidenhead store} My current favourite store:dance:
Stores worthy of a visit
Sea aquariums - Near Heathrow
Vermuleans - also near Heathrow
Windsor aquatics {Maidenhead store}
Shinfield - World of Water
Wroughton - World of Water
Maidenhead Aquatics Swindon North and South:)
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