polyp and zoa lighting

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While on the lighting subject would 4 t5 54watt bulbs 2 deep blue and two white do the trick for some easy care simple corals?
A 4 bulb T5 fixture will generally allow the keeping of many basic corals and even LPS. :)

what size tank is it going over though? How long and how deep?
Standard 55g just got the light today after waiting a week for it. I was looking for slink t your reef tank to show my father. You have a link?
thanks both of u! what are some in-expensive corals that don't need much lighting?
zooa's, mushrooms and leathers are all pretty cheap. Might try some candycanes or a hammer coral as far as LPS. Very colorful and easy to keep.
just wondering... any good fish to put with a fuzzy dwarf lionfish in a reef tank??
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