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My wife usually helps. Its pretty funny actually, we each have 2 nets and we just coral them. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.
i got this massively oversized net (free from the same woman who gave me the rock... again ill say how much i LOVE craigslist) but it is so wide, it wont even fit in my tank... its over a foot wide... honestly it reminds me of a landing net but it has the fine mesh like standard nets... im thinking about getting a divider for my tank... catching them all in a corner, and coraling them that way... i wish my fiance would help... she likes helping me with "projects" like the cave project we worked on, but simply refuses to touch anything from the inside of the tank... including the water
Here's the beginning.
March 08

Not the end...just current ;)
ccCapt that is nothing short of jaw dropping! I wish I had the funds to create a masterpiece like that! How long was it between those two shots, roughly? A little over a year? Some impressive growth in the corals! Good work!... even if you are from Philly! J/K :)
Thanks. :) The 1st pic is from March 08, the 2nd pic July 09. Most of the live rock and a few corals are 20 yrs old. I started with a 50 and upgraded a few times.

I hate the Pens...even tho I do go see their AHL team in Wilkes-Barre play alot. The arena is 10 mins from my house.
Can't wait for hockey season. GO FLYERS!
here are some updated pics of mine... the first was the day after i got the tank, the next was last week... and the last is today... i know it looks bare right now, compared to what it was before, but im having a hard time deciding what to put in it that will compliment the sand... any ideas? And btw, its just really cloudy because i only put the sand in maybe 10 mins ago
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alright, i think im done... for now :) hows it look? oh by the way, i got several free Neolamprologus brichardi... a few of them are wierd looking, he said he thought they were inbred... but the rest are awesome looking. evidentally there is nowhere around here to buy them so maybe there is some $$$$$$$$$$ if i can breed them? anyways, i did some decorating as you all suggested and heres the outcome...:changes:
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before and after.


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