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30g long when I started to cycle:

30g as of 7/15/2009

10g when I started:

10g as of now (pic taken 7/15/2009):
before with the Oscars. after no Oscars.


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This is one of my 55-gallon tanks the day I got it. It came with the huge goldfish and 16" pleco, the rocks, filter, water, neon decor, and the little plastic tube thing.

A year later, I've got a tank full of livebearers. Within a week of having my aquarium, the goldfish and pleco were re-homed to my aunt's house. She has several 200-gallon tanks and a goldfish pond, so they are happy fish now!

That pic isn't very well-lit, so here's a close-up:
our 40g breeder Rams tank

Before, looking like a sci fi movie (per a member on here) ;)


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Well, here is my first 55, i got it around 2 months ago.. in the first picture i had goldfish... i had just moved therefore i had NO money at all. You can see that it is progressing some, but not finished... I have alot im planning on doing to it tonight. I plan on taking spoonmans advice and putting pool filter sand in it this weekend, along with my cichlid tank. but as for now, its ok i guess? This one has a whisper 60 HOB filter and a Fluval 405... i guess thats enough filtration?
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Here is one of my other 55's, i had a little more experience with this one, but i added some more stuff after i got a crap ton of free rock and decor off craigslist, enough for probably 20 tanks lol, but i plan on leaving the pea gravel in this one... i have an aqua tech 30-60 HOB ( that i cant find filter cartridges for because i know nothing about it) and a fluval 305 in it...
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and just a note about the top one, as soon as i get time, im building a new stand for it... the 2X4's just look horrible and i wonder about how sturdy they actually are...:(
well, i fully plan on at least running another 2X4 behind each one and putting cabinet doors over them... but i have a bunch of oak timber i got free, so i thought it would look much better, especially after being stained... i just dont feel comfortable with 2x4's holding up 600+ pounds, and they only have one 1/4 bolt attaching the legs to the frame... not exactly what i consider "sturdy"... but its holding up so far.
Well the petco stands are 1x4s, of course thats why I built my own. Never hurts to add support.
Oak would be better looking though IMO
Tanks look good rookie. PFS will definately look better than the neon gravel though. You have to post pics when you swap it out. Good luck with the switch!! As for the AquaTech 30-60, just search that on ebay and you will find them. That where I get all of mine.
my thoughts exactly.. plus it would give me and my fiance yet another project to work on together... totally unrelated, but what would you suggest putting in there with my bala sharks?
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