Power Compact versus T5

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Dr. Dai Phan

Aquarium Advice Freak
Jun 13, 2008

I plan to buy the MH system with T5s but Current USA discontinued that combo model and replaced it with the PC bulbs instead. It has 3X150W MH and 4X98W PCs. How is the power output in terms of intensity compared between PCs and T5s? Thanks. DP
I'm just judging from my current tank which we've been running 2x65 PC over a 20G on. Yesterday, we picked up a Current 6 T5 fixture (for our in progress 50) and to check it out, put it over the 20. The colors are quite a bit more intense and the light seems to penetrate better with the T5, but since you'll be running halides with the PCs I doubt you'll have any issues with the end result.

Hopefully someone with more direct experience will be along shortly....
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