Pregnant guppy

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She has a large black spot between her anus and stomach known as the gravid spot. The larger and darker it is then the closer to birth she is. In the final day or so she may seclude herself and hide in plants. Also she may go off food and become territorial towards other fish. Lastly, when her gravid spot 'squares off' she should give birth in the very next 24 hours.

Hope this helps!
What do you mean squares off? My guppy isn't eating much. is this a bad sign
Not necessarily a bad sign as long as she does eat something and isn't showing any other signs of sickness.

Describing squaring off.. Well simply it is when her dark spot begins to look square, appearing to have straight edges and be larger than usual. When she is not ready it looks like half this black spot could still be hidden away. Once you see the squaring off you should know exactly what I mean!



Ok these pictures are of a few guppies I have at the minute. The pictures show progressive stages of the gravid spot I referred to, as you can see in the third picture the spot is larger and 'square'.

Is this at all like yours!?
one of mine gets massive but my others look like that a few days before they drop. so ya 1-5 days max.
Well if it looks like the third one then, as mentioned above, definitely should be within the week, probably next couple of days!
3 of my guppies are pregnant and I don't know when they will give birth I have 2 week old fry in a different tank. I would like to know when they will give birth one of them looks like picture 2
They usually give birth once every four to five week. If it looks like picture two then it shouldn't be far off dropping, just keep an eye on her and when she starts hiding away or eating less then she will be about due to drop.
How long do you think is left for my guppys
Yellow tailed







My orange/yellow spotted tailed






My blue tailed


About a week or so I think, but it is really hard to predict if they aren't your own fish and you don't watch them often. In a couple of months you will be an expert!

I'd say both the blue and yellow possibly 7 or 8 days. And the red one two week. Just a guess mind!
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