Pregnuant female angelfish first time spawn! Help! :)

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Jan 31, 2011
I've done a lot of research on it,and came to the conclusion one of my two angelfish are pregnant. She is looking very plump in her abdoman. My two angelfish paired up, and one is looking very plump (as of recently) while the other is rather slim. I removed other fish in the tank, and put in a flower pot, upside down, and a brown slate. I have a hang on the back filter, and am worried that it might suck the fry up when they do pop out. I was thinking sponge filter? Also I was going to feed them live newborn brine shrimp and this angelfish fry food from petco. Any tips as well are appreciated. Thanks guys, I'm so excited. :)
Unused, unwashed natural cotton from a pair of underwear, or filter media bags. Just something that lets water through, but no debris. The parents should take care of the babies if you have a big tank anyway.

I've never actually noticed my female getting larger before they laid eggs. Your first sign is normally when they start pecking at (cleaning) a surface.
How would I care for them if I couldn't let them care for the babies.?
I've never done that. At this point I am still letting mine lay and trying to see if they'll work out how to be parents.

I've read though that if you remove the object they lay on, put it near oxygen (where a filter flows or where bubbles pass by) they'll hatch and then you just feed them fry food. You also have to be careful to cover the filter intake so they don't get sucked up.
you'd need to set up atleast a 20g tall tank with a heater and a sponge filter only to raise the angel fry to juveniles. TIM is correct on using a air stone to keep the eggs clean and clear of debris and no flow.

I only use sponge filters in my breeding tanks but in a community tank you can order a sponge pack off ebay(aquatic_magic or aquaticmagic is the seller I buy from for HOB intake sponges and moss mesh) and this will keep the fry from getting sucked up.

Also, my females have never appeared to have any body changes when spawning at all. I do have a fat angelfish though who appears pregnant if it were a live bearer.
Might sound gross but when was the last time you seen that fish poop?
If it is there first time spawning the will most likely eat the eggs so don't get your hopes up
Angels dont get pregnat.
Female Angelfish can lay off eggs even without a male, which is normal, the female will lay the eggs in a plant or pipe, and the male will make them fertile with his sperm.
I have a single angel and she lay eggs of in a pipe like every 6 weeks, and I never have another angel with her.

It is hard to identify between a female and a male angelfish, so there is a possibility that your angel lay the eggs off (traslucid in appearance) but if the other one is not a male, the eggs will turn solid white in color and become not viable, after 3 days the same angel will eat them.

Good luck, I truly hope that you have a pair in your tank.
I originally bought 3 angels. These two angels excluded the other And did there own thing. Now I just have the two angels a baby swordtail and a red tail shark in the tank
Its hard to identify them when young, but once fully mature the males and females have distinct differences, especially the P. Scalares. I havnt owned altums yet so I cant comment on that strain.
Yeah my male and female look quite a bit different now, but it's hard to know whether that's nature or nurture. I have no idea what goes on in the tank when the lights are out. :D
Its nature, tim.

You going to the swap next weekend? last one till november I think. Greenwater is having their swap on the 26th of march down in alsip I believe.
The GCCA? I actually only just heard about that, and by accident when searching for something else! I want to drag my wife around there I think. She's pregnant so it might be a bit of a chore, so I might go by myself. :)
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