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Feb 6, 2011
Okay long story short daughter's favorite movie is finding nemo I always wanted a salt water tank so I decided it would be a fun hobby to have with my daughter. I did A LOT of research. and 6 months later I suprisingly havent killed any fish (except one 4 months ago I lost the cleaner shrimp). Anyways the other day I went to shop to buy a Cleaner Shrimp and some i bout about 5lbs of live rock. I came home set up my tank and after taking some time with my daughter to watch the fun in I realized we now have quite a few feather dusters and these BRIGHT orange colored ???

They are really neat they either are out and moving like the picture or they're in hiding..

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

I'm really Excited about it even though I have no Idea what it is but im concerned cause I just have a normal lighting tank. Do I need special Lighting and do I feed the feather dusters and whatever the orange things are?

please and thank you for you help
that picture looks like sun polyps or dendrophyllia. they require target feeding, but don't need much/any light. pretty easy to take care of.
any mini feather dusters you have don't need anything special.
just get some small bits of food, like mysis shrimp from the LFS or fresh fish from the supermarket and put a little bit on their tentacles. they will take it in.
They will eat just about anything. I use cyclopeeze, brine, mysis, they really seem to like oyster eggs
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