proaquatics 1600 canister filter

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Aug 29, 2008
I was given a proaquatics filter and a tank, along with substrate and everything else. Thought I had everything set up and running fine when I got it all to place. The filter cleaned the water very quickly and it was clear in a matter of minutes. This morning when I took a look at the tank, filter didn't seem to be doing its job at all. I've been trying to get all the air out of it. The filter is full of water, I did submerge the intake hose to get rid of any air in it. It seems like it may be working properly now, the outtake got rid of the excess air. I looked online for any manuals for it but there didn't seem to be one at all. I'm a newbie at all this so was hoping to read it and figure this all out.

Also the filter is making some noise, it did this at the previous owner's house as well. I was told it probably just needed to be cleaned which it hadn't been in about a year or two. Is there any trick to gettin the bottom canister off? I struggled trying to get that dang thing off in the end figured I might end up breaking it by mistake and just let it be.

Any advice be greatly appreciated!
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