problem with placement of heaters?

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Apr 22, 2004
I am placing 2 200 watt heaters, (just becuse i have them) in my 55 gallon FOWLR tank. I have a message posted here about my PH troubles, but once those are good, can the heaters be placed horizontally at the top of the aquarium on the back wall? As I finished building the aquascape with the rock i realized i forgot the heaters. Just wondering if leaving them at the top will create heating issues. I have 2 maxi-jet 1200's pushin the water around and will have a Magnum 250 running occasionally for polishing of the water, so im hoping the amount of water turn over will make up for the bad location. Will this be ok?
I think that I wouldn't worry too much assuming that the water circulation is good - ' just keep an eye on your temp of course --john
How close to the top? If the water level ever drops below them, due to evaporation or if you're doing a water change and forget, then they will shatter.
you could get a canister that's made just for heaters and circulate it with a water pump. I have that kind of rigging on a 75-gallon planted freshwater tank and it's been running for quite a few years like that without any problems at all.
if u put your thermometer close to the bottom of the tank then u can monitor and see if the water is circulating good enough to keep a constant temp all over your tank...i think it would be fine... but im new...dont forget to watch your water level
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