Pros and Cons of a Hexagon tank

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Jan 17, 2012
Pacific Northwest
I'm looking to upgrade from my biocube and saw a 75 Hex with sump and stand for 100$. Seems to good to be true! Anybody have any advice on the hexagon tank for a reef?

Very hard to manage good flow throughout. I would much rather have a standard 75. With reef tanks, the larger the footprint, the better off you are.
I don't like hex tanks , I have a 35g hex FW tank , its just a big P.I.T.A. to clean it's so deep you practically have to stand on a foot stool to get into it to clean , and you still wind up going swimming getting to the bottom lol
I have a 75 hex it's only 20" tall with great flow all around. Same as a standard 75 just the two front corners are angled. For the price go check it out mine works and looks great as a reef.
I was thinking this shape-
I have a 35g hex that had been FW, but I am going to turn that into my saltwater QT, as my son's hermit crab science fair project hijacked my QT. It will be bare bottom, so not a problem, but they are tough to clean. I would assume even more for a reef and a 75g.
Depending on tank dimensions this is what I assumed a 75 was.


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Got an email out for the dimensions. I'm hoping its the one with a flat back. Flow is most likely easier in that one. Depending on the conditions.... 100$ for tank, sump and stand is still pretty good!
I have a 50gal hex all the way around that's a whopping 31 inches tall. I cannot reach the bottom unless i'm standing on a big stool. I bought it from someone on craigslist super cheap. I currently am just using it as a FOWLR.
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