protien skimmer at walmart

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I would look at something else for a 55. Going this cheap will cost you a lot more than the 10 bucks saved with the discount in the long run. JMO.
point seen i am now thinking about using my old waste of money on that sea clone but now that i am not using the sea clone any more i wonder if i could use parts and make a home made skimmer? any ideas? i have the body of it still HMMM........... i thinking hard now lol
Capt. How much space does the octopus hob need in back of your tank?
How does the square design work as far as directing the bubbles and skimming scum?
the sea-clones are great skimmers with a few mods, I ran mine for over 5 years(still works great) retired it when I got the turboflotor a few years ago. My tank is a 120 that went from being a fowlr tank to a reef over the years. I also heard that the older sea-clones were alot better then the newer ones, I know that the old maxi-jets with the round power cords do last alot longer then the newer ones with the flat cord, perhaps this is what the difference is I don't know but if you change out the impellers plastic wheel with a needle wheel and the air contol valve on the sea-clone it will perform better then alot of the midpriced skimmers out there today.
thankssw addict i will be sure to remember that but yea before i pulled it off i did a few of the mods like shorten the inner tube add a airstone change the vave which i put i crapy one back on anyways lol all of those i found online but not the impeller mod can you or someone post me a page that has a impeller that will work on it?
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