Protien Skimmer pump advice needed

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Aug 28, 2008
I need to replace a pump for a Berlin Skimmer. I'm borrowing one right now to run the skimmer. What pump do you guys recommend? What many GPH should the pump be? I've seen another thread, where a guy is using a RIO 2100. What about a factory replacement or a mag drive pump? I just dont want to buy a pump that isnt very good or not rated properly for the skimmer.
What kind of skimmer is it and what kind of pump did it have? I would suggest replacing it with the same pump that was on it before. Chances are the manufacturer will have a replacement pump and it will be set up to work for the skimmer.
I dont really no for sure what type of Berlin Skimmer it is. I just got the setup on Thursday and its my first saltwater tank. There is a label on it that says its its good for up to a 250 gallon tank. The guy I bought the setup from said he had a 300gph pump on it before, but my LFS says its a little to small for the skimmer.
here are some pictures. I hope you can make it out in the sump.


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I would not go any larger on the pump then what it had on it. If that is a 300gph pump producing the foam I see there then replace it with another just like it. That is a very small skimmer and does not need a large pump.
This looks like your skimmer.

You should give your skimmer a good soaking in vinegar. All that crap inside is really cutting down it's performance. Just fill it with vinegar and let it sit overnight and most of that stuff will come right off.
Yes that looks close. maybe mines just an older model though. I will do the vinegar rinse when I get the new pump. That way I only have to take it out of the sump once. Its a tight fit. I tried cleaning it out quickly when i picked up the tank with a brush but I couldn't get down far enough. Thanks for the tip!
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