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Feb 1, 2008
As I piece my equipment one by one I'm currently going to use my old 29g tank as a QT tank. Now of course as recommended a QT tank before adding new fish in the main display. Now my question is as I purchase my fish either online or through my lfs should I medicate the qt already or just wait for signs first?
Some people will run their QT as a copper system. I encourage just UV. Keep a piece of rock in your sump you can easily toss into your 29g to make it a QT tank for 2weeks with a 1000 GPH or higher pump. Toss in a bunch of PVC pipes of all different sizes everywhere and have a tupperware full of sand you can easily remove.

Take this time to really make sure the fish is eating. Offer it every type of food until it's eating. Obviously keep it clean. bare bottom is preferred. Carbon/Purigen are nice together if you had a spare HOB.

Was this a tank that you planned on running 24/7 or just when you buy new fish/coral?
Well I did plan to run it 24/7 but if I don't have to i prefer not to. I have a hob Aqua clear that I will be using.
I mean you don't have to but if you plan on buying fish every 2 weeks for awhile it wouldn't hurt to set up a wet/dry sump filter with UV on it...

If you're just using the HOB I'd use it for chemical filter like carbon and purigen and just use a rock from display tank and a circulation pump to move water through it. The HOB alone isn't enough imo.
My plan is to stock up on corals first before fish. I was thinking dipping corals with coral ex would be good enough?

When I do buy fish I probably won't buy fish every two weeks. I'm planning on getting 4 or 5 afor the first time and that's it. It will be going on a 70 gal tall tank
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