Quarantine tank - Do I need to cycle?

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Jan 18, 2015
Glen Rock PA
Setting up a quarantine tank after not adding fish to my 150 gal FOWLR tank for 2 years. I have had a bag of ceramic filter media in the sump for 4 weeks. Can I take water from my tank and the filter media to setup the quarantine tank without going through a tank cycle? I plan to monitor the ammonia and nitrates for at least a week.
You do not need to cycle the tank, but you will want to monitor the parameters and be ready for water changes. Using the media might get you some beneficial bacteria, which can't hurt. I'm not sure I would add tank water, as it should not have much BB but could have nitrates.

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Thanks for the advice. I thought using main tank water would help. I have been battling nitrates for a while. It was under 10 yesterday. It would be better to use new water.
Yes use new water. There is very little bacteria in the water collumn. I would add the cycled media though.

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