Question about coral type.

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not sure id buy corals of ebay to be honest with you
I agree, especially shipped two-day. It should be overnight or not at all.
Do a goggle search for "Tubastraea faulkneri". These are not easy, nor are they hard to keep. They just require attention. Like the auction stated, they do not use light as a food source so they need to be target fed a plankton and protien based food about three times a week. They are not a colony either, rather several individal animals living close together, so each polyp requires food in order to survive. I have some and they are wonderful. A great choice if you do not mind a little extra work.
I was not initially looking for a coral to buy. Just goofing around with the searches. The auction says that 2 day shipping is fine but it offers 1 day shipping when you check on shipping costs. Anyway I just wanted to check what I was looking at. If a LFS can tell you half truths so can someone on ebay. Thanks all
Just for the sake of giving some info on that coral:

It's a low-medium light coral. You'll have to feed the tank brine or mysis shrimp, then wait for a few minutes and the polyps will open up. Then feed each individual polyp the brine or mysis with a turkey baster. Each polyp is a separate animal.
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