Rainbow cichlid eggs :)

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Aug 24, 2008
South Africa
I got 2 rainbow cichlids less than a week ago. I asked the lfs for a male and a female which they sold to me and it turns out the supposed male is actually the female and the female is the male. Shows how much they know :rolleyes:. I have been feeding frozen bloodworms, flakes and cichlid pellets. Well this evening i got home and saw that they have laid about between 50 and 100 eggs. they are brown which i read up on means that they are fertile?

I have a canster filter and will be putting a stocking over the intake. will this be good enough to keep the babies from being sucked up? Will try and post pics soon.
I use HOB's on my fry / grow out tanks. For fry I use a sponge covered by a stocking on the intakes. When they get a little bigger I remove the stocking. After a couple of weeks I remove the sponge. Works great and I never lose fish in the filter. Used to use only sponge bubble filters but since I started doing it this way I hardly lose any fry.

the fry are now wrigglers, how long does it take for them to become free swimming?
Not sure on Rainbows. Angels 3-4 days most of them will be free swimming, by day 10, ready to eat.
here are some pics
They have made a nest at the back left of the tank and have destroyed most of the plants in that area. The female in the pic has a deformed mouth. I should have looked closer when buying them at the lfs but she is so bright in color.


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is it a good idea to keep fry in one of those livebearer fry containers that float on the top? do you think it will allow for enough circulation? Thinking about doing that so that they will be easier to feed and wont get eaten by the other fish either, or the filter
unfortunately al of the fry have been consumed by something overnight. my money is on the rams. they hide in the plants and raid whenever they get a chance. im moving the rainbows into a bigger tank so that i can try and breed some rams.
They are similar to convicts, in that it may take them a few tries to become good parents and not eat their own offspring... It could very well have been the parents.

Congrats though, those are nice American Cichlids! They are not too common around me, but I just found a local breeder who has a very orange colored strain I may purchase...
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