Red Cherry Shrimp, Snowball Shrimp, Yellow Shrimp For Sale

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Jun 16, 2006
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Shrimp Type, Size, Qty./Price

Red Cherry Shrimp

~1/4"+ 20/$20 or $1.25 each

3/8-1/2"+ 15/$20 or $1.50 each

Snowball Shrimp

~1/4"+ 12/$20 or $2.00 each

3/8-1/2"+ 12/$25 or $2.75 each

Yellow Shrimp

~3/4"+ (Adults) 10/$25 or $3.00 each

Shipping is $10 to most places in the lower 48 ($12 to West coast) via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation included, live arrival guaranteed, and this covers a styrofoam box and heat packs if needed, though doubtful. It's the perfect time of year to ship! Oh, and the $10 charge is a flat rate so buy any quantity and the shipping is still only $10.

All shrimp are shipped with either Java Moss (RCS and Snowball Shrimp), or Guppy Grass (Yellow Shrimp). Additional Java Moss and Guppy Grass is available so if you want some with your order send me a PM with what you would like. Java Moss is sold in golfball sized portions and the Guppy Grass is sold by the 1/2 cup.

I accept PayPal, USPS Money Orders, and Personal Checks. I can ship out on Mondays-Thursdays. Expect the package to arrive on a Wednesday, at the latest, if I ship them out on Monday for example. References available upon request. Thank you for your interest and send me a PM or email with any questions. You can reach me at . I check my email often.


Forgot to mention that the photos are of my actual stock and were taken less than an hour ago. They are an example of what you should expect to receive or what you should expect them to look like when they mature if you purchase young shrimp. I hope that you enjoy them!


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Good question. Yes, you should avoid putting these shrimp into the same tank as they are all from the genus Neocaridina and they can and will crossbreed producing wild color form shrimp. The wild color form will be mainly clear, brown, and generally speaking poorly colored. The yellows and RCS are actually the same species but different color varieties.
what is the best way to acclimate these shrimp to your tank and what are the best parameters for them.
Acclimation is a pretty easy process. All I have ever done with my shrimp is to ensure that the temp inside of the bag is the same as that of the aquarium they are going into. Then just net the shrimp out of the bag and place them into the aquarium. You might consider pouring the contents of the bag into a net (after you remove the plants from the bag) that is over a container to catch any shrimp that may avoid the net. Don't put any of the bag water into your aquarium; this is a standard thing to avoid with any fish or invert addition. I have never lost a shrimp on acclimation. I have lost some higher grade CRS/CBS a week after I got them but they are finicky if you don't have the right water parameters, which I didn't at the time.

The shrimp I have for sale in this thread will thrive in moderately soft to liquid rock water. My tanks have a GH of 300+ ppm. My KH is also 300+ ppm. The pH can be anywhere from 6.0-8.4+, with alkaline conditions being preferred. My RCS have bred in both alkaline and slightly acidic conditions with no differences in the breeding rates noticed. These shrimp can tolerate water temps that are just above freezing to the upper 80's. It is recommended to keep them in the high 60's to mid 80's for them to thrive. They are pretty tolerant and accepting of all water, provided that it is clean and doesn't contain ammonia, nitrites, high levels of nitrates, and copper which is toxic to inverts.
I will be looking for some snowballs, but I am out of town for the next 2 weeks--hopefully you will still have some when I get back.
Not a problem at all. Please send me a PM with how many of them you want and the size that you want and I'll make sure you are taken care of.
Shipping will be via USPS Priority mail. Delivery Confirmation included. Shrimp guaranteed to arrive alive. New prices as well.

Shrimp Type, Size, Qty./Price

Red Cherry Shrimp

~1/4"+ 25/$25 or $1.25 each

3/8-1/2"+ 18/$25 or $1.50 each

Snowball Shrimp

~1/4"+ 14/$25 or $2.00 each

3/8-1/2"+ 12/$25 or $2.75 each

Yellow Shrimp

~3/4"+ (Adults) 10/$25 or $3.00 each
Hello i am interested in your shrimp and live about 3 hours north east of you. My question is will these shrimp combatible if put in a chiclid tank ?
They would be compatible with dwarf cichlids, angelfish, and discus provided that your tank is moderately planted. If you have African cichlids or large CA/SA cichlids don't even think about keeping them in the same tank. They will be eaten in a minute. If you are wanting to keep them you should purchase at least a 1g tank, which would allow you to keep 30 or so shrimp. I recommend a 10g tank. You don't have to put a heater in the tank and you can use a sponge filter for filtration. These are very fast breeding shrimp and something like the more common and lower priced red cherry shrimp would make a good snack for African cichlids if you wanted to keep a colony growing just to feed them. If you have any more questions you can send me a private message or an email, Thank you for your interest.

I can do about 3-4 more orders of RCS, 1 more of the smaller snowballs, and 1 more of the yellow shrimp. If you have already sent me a PM you are guaranteed to receive what you asked for.
Thank you so much to everyone that purchased! I am sold out of everything at the moment. If you would like some shrimp just send me a PM or email me and I will put you on a waiting list. Another sale thread to come soon which may include some crystal red/crystal black shrimp. I will have to check to see how they are coming along. The grades on those should be S-SS and they are from S+/SS stock.
I'd be interested in starting a colony of RCS when you have them back in stock.

How large do they have to be to breed?

What's "S-SS" and "S+/SS" stock? Is that like F1, F2, etc.?

I could have up to 40 of my 1/4-1/2" RCS ready Monday if you want them. They have to be about 1/2" roughly to start breeding. Females breed about that size and males a little smaller but not much. Basically if you get 1/4" shrimp from me it'd be about 4 weeks or so before you see eggs.

The S+/SS is a grading system for crystal shrimp. The more white, the more valuable they are and the higher the grade. There are certain patterns assigned to certain grades. If you have a "no-entry sign" pattern it is an SS shrimp and nothing lower. If you have a "tiger tooth" you have an S+. The grades pretty much break down from high to low as: SSS, SS, S+, S, A, B, C. B and C grades have very little white and no distinguishable patterns. A grade might have 3 or 4 bands of white, etc. It has nothing to do with the filial generation.
AWESOME feedback. Prompt, thorough, reliable. I think I found my new favorite forum! Thanks!
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