Red Sea classic skimmer Q's

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I new here thought I would give this a try.

Well I got what I think is a good deal on a Berlin Classic with a rio 2500. I now know why everyone says what they do about rio pumps this thing is loud.

So now for the Q's
1. should I buy the turbo up-grade pump for around $70.00 that would put me into this skimmer $130.00 or

2. Try to sell this setup to someone that does not care about the rio noise for what I paid for it $60.00 and go out and buy the super skimmer for for what I would be into replaceing the berlin pump.

It seems to work fine just noisy.

The pump is most definately the noise culprit. I use a mag7 on my Berlin skimmer. I added a venturi valve on mine which helped a lot. I think it cost $15 or so. These skimmer need some adjustment from time to time but they do work. I have been running mine for about 3 yrs.
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