reef tank lid

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Dec 27, 2006
brooklyn ny
just wondering is it really important to have a tank cover or lid on your reef tank because i dont?
Actually it is better not to have a closed top . You want the gas exchange which will help if you have unstable PH , it also helps with O2 sats ... If you want a top you can get egg crate which is light difuser pannel you can paint it black if you want it to "blend" in .. this top is easy to cut and keeps the would be jumpers in and unwanted hands ,paws ect out
But wouldn't the light diffuser grid or polypropylene clear mesh cut down on the amount of light making it into the tank? I'd really like to get rid of the glass tops on my tank, but I'm also just getting into corals and I'm afraid that would cut down on the light too much.
it does infact cut down but not by much at all . There is a right way to put them on and for the life of me I can not think if it is thin side up or down :(
I dont keep anything on top. But if I did then I would go with the egg crate. Closed glass top is not the way to go.
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