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Oct 27, 2003
Cleveland, Ohio
I have a 30gal All Glass Aquarium with an All Glass Hood with florescent light. Lately the light has been flickering and seems quite dim leading me to believe that the light is dying. My question is what should I replace it with, its not a planted tank or anything. Should I just get another All Glass Bulb or is there a better brand out there? The current bulb is only 20watts is that alright?
I dont think all glass makes a bulb, just go to home depot and get another bulb, will be cheaper then a pet store. Just make sure you know what size, t-5 t-8 t-12 yada yada, the philips 5000K is the most able to accuratly display colors so id try to get that.
I have a new light and it is flickering and then goes completely out. I bought a new bulb this week. It isn't the bulb. I got ripped off. Mine is completely dark right now and it is on.

Well it was the bulb as I swapped the bulb with another tank I have and just bought a replacemnt All Glass 17Watt 8000K Aquarium Spectrum Lamp and it works great. I though flickering didnt always mean the starter or ballast was shot it can just be the light going bad.
I just took mine back and exchanged it. It was the light, not the bulb. I had to buy a new bulb to find that out last weekend. Good thing I had my receipt.
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