RO filters?

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Aug 29, 2004
Miami, Fla
Is it necessary and worth it to get an RO or DI filter, if so could you give a link to a good one. Can I just use conditioner. I live in miami which has basic but relatively safe water.
I'm really confused on the whole thing too. I've been given mixed advice. Some say that ro/di water is the only safe thing to do, but the lfs says that it removes too many beneficial elements and that i should use treated water....?
It all depends on the quality of your tap water. You may have contaminants in there that you can not easily test for. I would recommend getting a report from your local water company and go from there. I have a small tank and my tap water is soft so I use a TWP, and it works fine for me. Other folks with harder water will find that a RO unit is more economical. If you are having success using tap water I would say don't bother. But as soon as you have chronic algae problems, trouble keeping invertibrates alive, etc., the first thing to examine will be your water source.
Matt i wonder if thats why them snails wont stay alive worth a darn...and today when i was doing a water change on your tank i found some of that slim stuff but i got almost all out i think...also added a power head in there. Also i found a pretty dang big star fish today in your tank :eek:
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