sailfin Tang and Hippo Tang

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Oct 1, 2004
New Jersey
I currently have a Sailfin Tang and want to add a Hippo Tang. Will these two Tangs coexist peacefully?
My tank is 75 gallons. Currently I have 1 Clarkii, 1 Yellow headed goby, 2 Staghorn Damsels and 1 Chromis. If a Hippo Tang is not a good idea what fish would you recommend. Also, my tank has been running for 4 months.
if it has only been running 4 months I would hold off the tank IMO is still to imature.. anywho I think u are good atm with fish regardless

The sailfin, being a slower grower, will tolerate the tank size for a longer period of time than a hippo, as the hippo grow at a very fast rate, especially compared to the sailfin.
That tank size is not appropriate for both tangs or for that matter, two tangs of any kind.
The numbers of fish you list in addition to the sailfin would indicate the tank is fully stocked at this point.
When my tangs get too large I have to sell them to someone with large enough tanks and then start over with another.
well IMO it is only as overstocked as yoru filtration and frewquency in waterchanges.. if u have 2 xp3's and maybe a pen 440 damn u would be VERY well off then do say 15g waterchange (mayeb 20) every week and u woudl be in good shape.. now I dont know much about the size of either tangs but IMo I would get a couple smaller fish and not worry abotu the bigger fish.. also maybe u can concentrate on a clean-up crew.. that would be sweet too

Overstocking is not merely from a biological filtration point of view, it's more with respect to the space that marine fish need to remain stress free. It's not like fresh water tanks where you can place great numbers in small tanks.
Some fish like tangs especially, need a lot of territory to stake out, (much like many animals do) and they define in a tank, based on fixed markers like certain rock structures, or maybe certain corals.
If they can't keep other fish out of their perceived territory, stress can cause the parasites that are always present, to break out in great numbers, causing death in many cases.
A 75g tank is not large enough for a mature sailfin just by itself, and no other fish in with it.
ah ok .. like I had stated above I did not know about the size of tangs..

but the others if alone would be more then happy enough

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