salinity monitors?

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Sep 4, 2004
i know that many folks here use hydrometers and refractomers, however, i would like to hear from those that have experience with salinity monitors (like the pinpoint salinity monitors).

also, in researching salinity measurements, i see that a lot of folks recommend 35ppt. is it preferable to measure ppt rather than SG?
it dosen't matter which way you measure salinity. I use a refractometer, so I can't help with other
PPT to SG is basically the same measure, they translate to each other. As in 35PPT = 1.027.
The salinity meter I believe only measures the major elements in SW (sodium, sulfate, chloride) so not very effective.

so even though SG requires temperature correction (PPT remains constant @ temp changes), are you saying that using a refractometer or hydrometer would be a better tool than a salinity monitor?

i hate it when i purchase something only to "wish" i had bought something else. happens all the time! so i just want to make sure i get something that i won't be replacing later.
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