salt water, marine stores around charlotte

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Sep 28, 2004
Need suggestions on where to find salt water/marine stores in Charlotte/Concord/Kannapolis. I recently moved to Albemarle about 40 mins east of Charlotte. Hate to say it, but nothing here for the hobbyist.

Sure thing, you can also add your reviews of the different stores or add a new store....
here ya go

I just came from Fintastic in Charlotte off of South Trying AWESOME store was absolutely amazed. I saw 2 nurse sharks, spinny puffers and stingrays to name some exotic stuff it had All sorts of Corals it was just amazing. the site is for directions and stuff.
There is one in Kannapolis on Goldfish Road, it is Greendales Nursery they aren't open on Monday and Tuesday. It is a smaller store than finastic but they do have a nice selection.

You might want to check out this as well
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