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Aug 30, 2012
I'm trying to start a nano tank but I don't quite know how to so if you can tell my what I need and how to do it that would be great.
You might want to look at the articles here for setting up an aquarium. They are very helpful. There is so much to learn, but if you have specific questions then I would be of more help :D. Nano reefs are a little harder b/c the water parameters can change more easily than a larger tank. More water, more room for error.
There's a lot more to know than can be explained in a "tell me what I need" thread..... I did a year's worth of research before finally pulling the trigger on my nano. Best place to start is in the "Nano Reefs" section of this forum and begin reading everybody's build threads. You will get an idea of what to do (and not do) while getting going.

Read, read, read until your eyes bleed, and then read some more...... Search the forum & 'net when you have specific questions. If you can't find an answer, then don't hesitate to ask.
I also did a year+ of research (which saved me money, time, and headache). Just discovered AA which is an awesome resource for info/advice, but you can go to your library and find some good informational books, or watch youtube :D However, the internet isn't always right, so know your facts so you can tell what is good & correct or bad and unhelpful. What size tank do you want to get? Bigger is better and there's more room for error (y) rhymes too!
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