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Jan 13, 2013
Original post from Jan 2013:
"Hello everyone, I put my intro in the wrong spot so I will repost it here.

My name is Robert an live in Indiana. I am a self proclaimed novice when it comes to a freshwater aquarium. I had several as a kid and through college. I the got out of the hobby after college for a few years. I started back up with a small 14 gallon tall tank for a little over a year. I recently started my 30 gallon hex tank back up and shut down the 14 gallon, partly because my wife thought 2 tanks was to much.
Like I said, I have an approximately 30 gallon freshwater tall hex. I am running a Marineland 250 HOT canister for filtration. I have a 50w LED T5 light on top. It is a live plant with black sand substrate. Currently I have 5 penguin tetras, 3 cardinal tetras, 2 gold mollies, 2 German blue rams, 1 dwarf blue gourami, 1 peppered Cory cat, 1 albino Cory cat, 2 bamboo shrimp(one is extremely large), 2 algae shrimp(had 3 but "silly nemo" the gourami ate one).
I'm not really looking to add more fish, just maintain the ones I have for my sons who love the aquarium. I have added pictures to my profile of the tank. More plants will be added as time goes on. I also built the stand the tank sits on."

Wow have things changed... I haven't been here for a while, but I still have my tank... I have lost all but 2 of my orginal fish listed above, with my current fish listed below... Had a run in with a bad water change, but have been on the road to recovery for about 3 months... I also had a run in with a Crayfish, who destroyed my plant life... Hope to someday talk my wife into allowing me a 150gal+ tank setup!
Welcome (back) to AA! Your aquarium looks nice. :) 150 gallon set up would be amazing! Good luck talking your wife into it! I am always trying to talk my husband into a wall-sized aquarium.. Some days he is on the same page as me, and some days he's not... Mostly not.. But I won't give up! ;) Hope to see you around the forums!
Here is what it looks like now, like I said my plants are in a rebuilding faze after that crayfish...ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1402062151.578404.jpg
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