Sand Jam! Help!

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Jan 11, 2004
The South-SOoTHWEsT that is
I posted this in FW as well, ,before I thought..Hey! SW people use sand a lot more...DOH!

I am switching some of the tanks to a sand substrate..but I think I got the wrong kind?

I bought oldcastle playsand from homedepot.
It is more like river silt. Is this variety just too fine?
I stirred and rinseed it about 30-35 times now.
I have the water clean enough to drink now but all I have to do is stir my hand around and its dust devil city. No more yellow or bits o stuff.
And it turns to a heavy mat at the bottomafter a moment...
Should have made a trip to the beach? :?

Am I too critical and it has a different definition of "clean " than gravel?

Before I finish the new 20 gallon today I neeed to know..It's residents are pining away in the QT tanks (well looking unhappy anyway...).
I don't want a problem since this is my son's Chocolate gourami tank .
But I have to do this faster than usual because one pair bred and is being VERY aggressive ot the rest. And the fry will be in peril in such close quarters.So the rest are moving to larger quarters. I need to know if I should take the other bags of sand back today and just by (ouch) from the lfs. Or if it is normal. I rinsed and rinsed and now I just have it running while I search for answers
that is the sand i used in my sw it is a dust bowl for sure but once the bacteria colonizes it it will settle and pretty much stay down till it is stirred up and even then it settles quickly
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