sandless cycle....and new aquascape

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Nov 23, 2011
Long Island, NY
I was hoping to add the sand and then proceed to cycle my tank but from what it looks like there might be about a 2 week delay with my sand. Is it possible for me cycle the tank out and then add the sand afterwards?? Is it much more of a PITA to add it in after water is in?? would it have a mini cycle all over again??

Here is the aquascape i decided on

Since I know what sand you're getting, I'd say its a non issue. He washes it well, and there was no clouding at all when I filled my tank. A piece of PVC (used like a funnel) would probably make it easier to add with the tank full of water though. It'll still cycle the same without it. Many people have started going barebottom with their reef tanks, so it's not a vital part of the system.
then i shall start my ro/di system up tomorrow!!!!! 100gpd = 9.6hrs of filtering..... yikes
Thanks for the tip about rinsing off the rock. I made some rodi water and cleaned the rock off. The water was pure white after everything said and done
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